Ana lives in the village of Yiéga in Burkina Faso. She lives with her mother Sibidi, her father Arzoumbouga and her seven brothers and sisters. Her her parents and most of her neighbours are farmers. In her spare time, Ana helps her parents and takes care of her siblings.

Farmers in Burkina Faso face many difficulties and have to adapt to global warming, drought and food crises. They learn new ways of farming, agro-ecological, and vary their productions. Thanks to various solutions, and with the support of Islands of Peace, they become able to bounce back in case of a hard blow : we talk about resilience.


Directors : Yann Verbeke & Stéfanne Prijot
Photography : Yann Verbeke & Stéfanne Prijot
Editing : Yann Verbeke & Stéfanne Prijot
Color Grading : Yann Verbeke
Client : Iles de Paix
Production : LEA Productions
Locations : Benin
Year : 2017

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