Copa Para Quem ? – The realities behind the Fifa World Cup 2014

Millions of football fans from around the world are eager to take part in what is portrayed as the most prestigious World Cups of all times in Brazil, the country of football. But how is Brazil organising this mega-event? And what are the impacts on the Brazilian people?

Discover the realities behind the 2014 FIFA World Cup in one of 12 host cities, Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, one of the poorest Brazilian states.



Directed by Maryse Williquet
Cinematography by Yann Verbeke
Edited by Thomas Fournet-Oberlé
Produced by Switch Asbl
Music by Clément Marion
Sound Design by Pierre-Yves Ryckaert
Color Grading by Miléna Trivier
Titling by Yann Verbeke
Graphic Design by Constantin Beine
Digital Production by Brendan Coolsaet
Translated by Gilberto Ferreira Da Costa, Caroline Hollela, Thiago Nyssens
Additional Footage by Nigeria
Shot on location in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2014

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